Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week well almost 35 :)

Im almost a week away from being full term..... have to admit it's kinda scary seeing as how David is at his 2 week long military training. I pray the next two weeks go by very quickly and that Kenzie does not make any attempts to come into the world early. We had an extra ultrasound last week because the Dr thought that the baby was not growing enough, well she must have had a growth spurt because they are estimating she will be about a 8lb baby. Maybe she will be maybe she won't but they did comment that her femur's are nice and long and we know she isn't getting that from my side of the family. So the best news is that she is a solid healthy weight, I can't wait to meet her, only 5.5 more weeks :)

34 weeks..... most recent

33 Weeks

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