Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mackenzie is HERE

After taking an unscheduled vacation of 3 days and waiting through the weekend for my contractions to either get stronger or to dialate more Mackenzie finally decided that mommy had enough and that it was time to make her appearance!

The labor and delivery went well, I went to the hospital at 9am and by 10am they had broke my water and started the pitocin to get my contractions in a better pattern. After spending 12 hours on pitocin the Dr's decided it was time to push I had fully dialated and effaced 100%. I had an epidural drip start right after the pitocin drip and I was very glad, I did not feel the pain until the day after. I had a 3rd degree tear which I am still recovering from. The first day home was wonderful, David is an amazing father and is so helpful!

Mackenzie Abbigail Johnson was born on September 26th at 9:53pm

8lb 4oz and 19 inches

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